Innovative Companies and Organisations Tackling Plastic Pollution

These companies are thinking outside of the box when it comes to avoiding plastic waste. Supporting businesses like this can help grow their reach and consequently, their impact on the issue.

ReFactory Packaging for lotions, toothpaste, and makeup is a recycling disaster. But ReFactory, a UK-based family business, has a complex process to give it a new life. It makes plywood-like plastic boards which are turned into many types of items including furniture, planters and more. They say that their products can be returned to the factory at the end of their lives and be turned into something new.

ReFactory – Creating circular solutions for recycling waste (

gCycle  tackling sustainability in the nappy industry, which contributes to polluted landfills and waterways. The solution brings the circular economy to nappies and regenerates natural systems. The newest invention is the world’s first patented fully compostable and disposable nappy.

gCycle – The world’s first renewable diaper – gDiapers

ediblePro produces edible cutlery and crockery to beat the plastic waste issue.  2 of the founders left IBM to make Eco Friendly, hygienic, zero waste, no plastic, biodegradable and nil preservative goods. Their range has extended to include edible gift boxes for parties and more.

About Us – EdiblePRO

Dell Technologies has developed bamboo cushioning to replace foam in its boxes and has also made packaging with wheat straw produced from agricultural waste and mushrooms. This eliminated 9 million kilogrammes of packaging and reduced energy, water, transportation and production costs, while also reducing emissions.

Bamboo — Nature’s Eco-friendly Packaging Solution | Dell Panama

PlantSea is a biotech company based in Wales whose main focus is on the development of sustainable and low carbon bioplastics, with the aim to be national pioneers in the development and production of sustainable and affordable seaweed derived plastic alternatives.

PlantSea – PlantSea is a Bio-Tech Start-up developing Seaweed-derived materials

Clear Blue Sea The most notable project released by not -for-profit organisation Clear Blue Sea is FRED–the Floating Robot for Eliminating Debris. This solar-powered machine floats on the ocean’s surface and collects passing garbage.

Clear Blue Sea

Apeel is a company that has come up with an innovative way to eliminate single-use shrink wrap plastic packaging on fresh fruit and veg, while at the same time tackling food waste. Apeel is a layer of edible, plant-based coating applied to fresh products that mimics and enhances the natural defences of fruit and vegetables. This slows down the two main things that cause spoilage – water loss and oxidation. The technique is an example of the circular economy and designs out: food waste by preventing produce from prematurely rotting, plastic waste – no manmade packaging is needed, energy and resource waste – by covering one avocado with Apeel, 23 litres of water and enough energy to charge a smartphone 9 times is saved.

Apeel | Food Gone Good

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